The beginning of Coco Cakes...

December 2003, I was six months old, and my parents had rescued a mini filly from an auction barn.
Her mouth was slightly deformed and we were told that she had gotten out of her paddock at a thoroughbred farm and had been injured. My mother won the bid on her for $200, and she was my first pony!

Although I will never remember how she came to be my first pony, I do remember being worried about her mouth. When Coco was around the age of five, we were told by our vet that she will possibly deteriorate with age due to her inability to get enough food.

That’s when, along side my mother, I began making cookies for Coco. Small edible nutritional cookies small enough for her to chew and enjoy. Coco is and remains healthy and happy at our farm and is now 16 years old - well, actually we are the same age!

Earlier this year while attending shows  I had to feed my show horse package pellets, as I had run out of my own handmade treats. I thought 'why in the earth does our industry not provide healthy alternatives to all horses'? So, I took action! I contacted a great family friend (a fantastic vegan baker) and we got to work right away. With some R&D to fine-tune my recipes and to address shelf stability - and November 1, 2019 Coco Cakes was officially launched at the Royal Agricultural Winter fair in Toronto.

Our 10 x 20 booth was put together in a very very minimal budget offering a “select and scoop “fill your own bucket concept. I wanted everyone to be able to smell and feel the difference of our treats, because after all it is a very different concept to what is offered in the industry right now. The response was overwhelming!

Coco Cakes are:

  • 100% all natural
  • 100% organic
  • 100% Canadian
  • Small batch made
  • No added fillers
  • Unique flavour combinations targeting health benefits
  • Each flavour complements natural eating
  • FEI compliant

We hope your equine partner enjoys Coco Cakes as much as we have enjoyed creating them and bringing them to your barn!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to have the most amazing pony ever and ultimately to be part of the equine industry is it dream come true. So Coco and I, through the Coco Cakes brand will donate 10 cents per bag sold to be able to help create a summer camp experience each year for a child wanting to learn about horses!