Our Story

Coco Cakes was inspired by our founder Mackenzie’s first pony, Coco. Coco was welcomed into the Hope family when she was rescued from an auction barn in 2003. Her mouth was slightly deformed because of an injury she received after getting out of her paddock. Although Mackenzie was only a toddler at the time, she remembers always worrying about Coco’s mouth.


When Coco was around the age of 5, a vet warned that she may deteriorate with age due to her inability to get enough food. That’s when Mackenzie, alongside her mother, began to bake cookies for Coco. These cookies were small, soft enough for her to chew, and packed full of the nutrition that she needed. Today, Coco is happy and healthy at the age of 17!


In 2019, after attending shows, Mackenzie ran out of her own handmade treats and had to feed her show horse package pellets. She thought to herself, “why on earth doesn’t our industry provide healthy alternatives for all horses?” That’s when she knew it was her mission to create healthy, nutritious treats for horses everywhere.


Mackenzie contacted a family friend (a fantastic vegan baker) and they got to work. With some research and development to fine-tune her recipes, Coco Cakes was officially launched at the Royal Agricultural Winter fair in Toronto - and the response was overwhelming. All of the cakes sold out on the first day and Mackenzie walked away with The Governor’s Award Staff Pick.


We hope your equine partner enjoys Coco Cakes as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them and bringing them to your barn!